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Princes Don't

Live in


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About The Play:

Told by three generations of women, "Princes Don't Live in Cyberland" is the true fairytale of one family coming together. Erika is a troubled dreamer who works at Disneyland and can't find her prince. Mom has been married for over 30 years. Gramma doesn't sleep in the same room as her husband. Together, these women will prove that the greatest story to revisit, is the story of your family.

PDLIC started off as a monologue in a black box theatre in Santa Monica. It quickly got developed into a 3-woman show that made its world premiere at ComedySportz in Los Angeles in 2011. PDLIC continued running at various L.A. venues including Actors Circle Theatre and Grand Central Arts Center and the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

PDLIC quickly made its way over to New York in 2013, where it was accepted as part of the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Festival. From there, it received a run at West End Lounge. And finally, PDLIC performed at Times Scare for a limited run.

Photos & Video

Creative Team

Written/Directed by 

Erika Jenko

The Company

Beth Bryson, Cat Day, Erika Jenko, Emily O'Brien, Paula Rivera, Charlotte Munson, Ashley Timm, Kimberly Abrams, Allyson Ansel

ComedySportz Premiere

Erika Jenko, Beth Bryson, Cat Day