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November 2, 2017

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October 28, 2017

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January 8, 2018



Ok, it's been a long time since I've produced a show. And I've made plenty of mistakes here and there. In fact, name the mistake and I've made it.


Not building a big enough budget?

Done it.


Not allowing enough time to market a show? 

Done it.


Trust me, these are huge mistakes. Mistakes like that can lead to zero people showing up to a performance or having to squeeze the absolute life out of the tiny amount of money that you have. 


One mistake that I have yet to make, however, is not listening to my gut when it comes to the creative side of a show. And this is the hardest mistake to avoid making.


Everyone outside of the show truly believes that they know what's best for your show. They know the best way to produce it. They know that you should try making it a musical! They think you should make it lighter. Hell, they'll want you to have other people produce your stuff. They'll want you to do what's easier. They'll want you to give up. They'll want you to make the show in a different way because that's how they see it as being produced. 


The truth is, only you can see that big beautiful piece of art that is sitting in your heart and waiting to see the light of day. Protect your vision, by all means. Protect it, defend it, support it and be the goddamn champion of it.


Don't suffocate it. Don't protect it so damn hard that you are terrified to bring it into the light of day. Eventually, you will have to let other people in to help you. Trust me, you will need help. And trust me, you will not be the expert on everything. So, bring in the experts. Pick the right team. 


And remember the most important thing: The greatest expert in a particular field isn't necessarily going to be the right fit your project. Think of the great creators. The people who had a story and a message and successfully told that story across all mediums. Across the marketing. Across the performance. Across literally everything. They had people in play who were a good fit with each other. And that's the key. 


I'm in the process of finding my people and re-connecting with people I've loved working with in the past. I've had the pleasure of working with talented musicians, composers, puppeteers, designers, technical gurus, producers, artistic directors, etc. 


It's moments like this where I feel like I'm completely alone. Those moments in the very beginning of a project where you feel crazy for thinking like you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. Crazy for thinking that anyone would want to join you on the journey. Just plain crazy.


It's moments like this. Right here...where I absolutely have to take the leap, and hope that there's someone who wants to take this journey too. And if they do, I hope they have fun. I hope they get something out of it. Most of all, I hope I learn from them. Because that's all I want to do. Keep learning. Keep growing. And most of all, keep moving forward. 


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